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Manufacturing Quality

Our Process

It begins with our research and development team. These visionary experts in R&D and nutraceutical delivery systems use their combined experience of over 80 years to create cutting-edge formulations that address unmet clinical needs with formulations possessing the immediate action and efficacy. This unparalleled knowledge leads to an optimal mix of ingredients and doses that deliver maximum health benefits.

Every TriNutra® product is based on exhaustive research and validated with clinical trial results.


Premium Raw Material Sourcing

Raw materials for all TriNutra® formulations are sourced from premium suppliers and are comprehensively researched for safety, purity, and efficacy.

We also employ exhaustive manufacturing controls and quality processes to preserve the integrity of the active ingredients in our formulations.


Manufacturing Quality Control

We utilize a cGMP-certified manufacturer who is a member of the Natural Products Association and whose products are certified by NSF International and Quality Assurance International.

Every aspect of our manufacturing processes is tested and documented for safety. All manufacturing processes are reviewed and audited on a regular basis to ensure that these processes meet and exceed stringent nutraceutical quality standards.

All TriNutra® formulations are manufactured in the U.S.A