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Morris Zelkha – Partner

Business Experience: Founder and president of The LycoRed Group™

Education: B.S., Chemical Engineering

Mr. Zelkha was the founder and President of the LycoRed Group that, over the past two decades, has been leading the global “From Farm to the Pharmacy” concept.  He possesses over 35 years of experience in industrial operation, business development and R&D project management in the nutraceutical, chemical and fertilizer Industries.

Dr. Itschak Lamensdorf – Partner

Business Experience: Founder and CEO of Pharmaseed


  • PhD, Pharmacology, Faculty of Medicine of the Technion
  • B.S. and M.Sc., Clinical Pharmacy, Hebrew University

Postdoctoral positions:

  • NIH National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, Bethesda, MD
  • Molecular Genetics, Weizmann Institute of Science

Dr. Lamensdorf is an entrepreneur and among the founders of Pharmaseed, Israel’s largest pre-clinical research organization, providing the industry with research, pre-clinical and clinical evidence while complying with applicable standards, providing for differentiation and value creation.

Dr. Liki von Oppen-Bezalel – Business Development Director

Business Experience: 

A biotechnology executive and consultant with over 20 years of broad experience in business development, marketing, sales and R&D in ingredients for the cosmetics and nutraceuticals markets.

Education: PhD in microbiology and biotechnology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel. She completed her doctoral work at the National Center for Toxicological Research (NCTR), a branch of the US FDA. 


Dr. von Oppen-Bezalel has published a book chapter and numerous scientific articles on environmental biology and cosmetics sciences in distinguished international publications. She has written over 50 scientific-marketing publications and has lectured in global cosmetics and nutraceuticals meetings and conferences. Liki holds multiple patent co-inventorships in cosmetics active ingredients.

As a trend- and tone-setter in the field of nutricosmetics, Liki pioneers new supplement solutions to promote beauty from within.

In her previous positions, she developed product portfolio strategies, built and managed the global distribution network for IBR Ltd. – increasing annual sales by high double-digits – and served as the global face of the company for over a decade. 

The ability to integrate advanced academic studies, microbiology and biotechnology training and research and communication and leadership skills have equipped Liki with a broad and deep understanding of how to successfully develop products, conduct projects and cultivate companies from birth through maturity.