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ThymoQuin® for canines



For Canine Health and Wellness

The first standardized cold-press Nigella Sativa (Black Seed) Oil


Extensive preclinical, animal, and clinical research has been conducted on N. sativa’s properties and it is among the top ranked evidence-based herbal medicine.
Most of the therapeutic properties of this plant are attributed to its essential oil constituent, thymoquinone (TQ).
Approximately 50 clinical trials have evaluated the efficacy of black seed preparations for a variety of conditions.

ThymoQuin® is the only patented, full-spectrum, USP- Grade Black Seed Oil 


The Gold Standard of Black Seed Oil

Sustainably produced, ThymoQuin® contains the full spectrum of black seed oil, all the seed’s constituents on which the science is based, in the ratios nature intended.
It has greater stability and superior absorption to deliver faster therapeutic benefits.

Mechanisms Conferring Therapeutic Benefits of ThymoQuin® in Canines

  • Improves mitochondrial functions at the cellular level, including boosting ATP production, optimizing cellular metabolism, and respiration

  • Promotes healthy inflammatory and immune responses

  • Controls growth of harmful bacteria, fungi, and parasites

  •  Powerful anti-oxidant properties

Safety of Black Seed Oil in Dogs
To ensure the safe and effective use of black seed oil in dogs, selecting a high-quality, cold-pressed oil is essential.
Cold-press extraction from fresh N. sativa seeds does not involve the use of solvents or heat, yielding a superior quality oil.
TriNutra® and our development partner N.S Oils has perfected this extraction process and the result is ThymoQuin®, the first black seed oil standardized to 3% Thymoquinone.

Suggested Use and Administration to Dogs:


DOGS <40 lbs/20 Kgs: 1 softgel capsule with 500 mg ThymoQuin® or 1⁄4 teaspoon daily mixed thoroughly with food.

DOGS > 40 lbs/20 Kgs: 2 softgel capsule with 500 mg ThymoQuin®
or 1⁄2 teaspoon daily mixed thoroughly with food.

1-3 Tablespoons daily depending on the size of the dog and area of skin aected.
After administration, monitor for any adverse reactions or intolerances.

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