Morris Zelkha

Morris Zelkha – Partner

Business Experience:

Founder and president of The LycoRed Group™


B.S., Chemical Engineering, Ben Gurion University.

Mr. Zelkha was the founder and President of the LycoRed Group that, over the past two decades, has been leading the global “From Farm to the Pharmacy” concept.  He possesses over 35 years of experience in industrial operation, business development and R&D project management in the nutraceutical, chemical and fertilizer Industries.

Itschak Lamensdorf

Dr. Itschak Lamensdorf – Partner

Business Experience:

Founder and CEO of Pharmaseed


PhD, Pharmacology, Faculty of Medicine of the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology

Dr. Lamensdorf is an entrepreneur and among the founders of Pharmaseed, Israel’s largest pre-clinical research organization, providing the industry with research, pre-clinical and clinical evidence while complying with applicable standards, providing for differentiation and value creation.

Dr. Yoram Sela

Dr. Yoram Sela – Partner

Business Experience:

Teva Pharmaceuticals™ – Founder and President of the Drug Delivery Group

LycoRed – Vice President, Research and Development

KV Pharma™ – VP R&D, Nesher

Dr. Sela is an entrepreneur and innovator with over three decades of expertise in drug and nutraceuticals delivery systems and has more than 30 patents registered to his name.