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8 July

The stress-sleep-immune connection

In the pursuit of optimal health, particularly in the context of everyday stress relief, the role of natural supplements has become increasingly prominent


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1 May issue

Whole Foods Magazine: Online and print/digital issue

Spotting Trends at Natural Products Expo West

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1 May issue

 8 Trends + Major Takeaways from Natural Products Expo West 2024

Anaheim, CA—This year's Natural Products Expo West drew more than 65,000 industry professionals to the Anaheim Convention Center and surrounding hotels for several action-packed days of education, networking, and inspiration. 

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1May issue

TriNutra’s Standardized Black Seed Oil Improves Acne Prone Skin

Personal Care Insights: Newsletters shares (3xs)

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1 May/June Issue

Nutramedic & Cosmetics Magazine: Digital issue and newsletter shares

B2B Nutramedic&Cosmetics is digital bimonthly B2B magazine for industry professional in health, nutrition and cosmetics sector.

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 Skin barrier boosters: CP Kelco, Lucas Meyer, Cargill Beauty and TriNutra showcase innovations

Nutrition Industry Executive: Print/digital issue

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30 March

TriNutra Gets Canadian Health Claim Approval

Following TriNutra's U.S. patent for black seed oil composition, the Health Canada authority has recognized ThymoQuin black seed oil for several structure-function health claims.

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25 March

TriNutra obtains new health claims for black seed oil on Canadian supplement market

25  Health Canada authorities have granted new structure-function claims for TriNutra’s proprietary black seed oil (Nigella sativa), ThymoQuin. Finished product manufacturers can use the accepted claims to make specific recommendations based on the scientific data presented to the Canadian organization.

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29 February

TriNutra receives US Patent for ThymoQuin composition

The oils can support balanced inflammatory responses, improve mitochondrial activity and deliver antioxidant effects

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ThymoQuin for support of your immune system through its potent anti oxidant and anti inflammatory capacity and as was demonstrated in TriNutra’s recent human clinical research*.
The study reveals That ThymoQuin positively influences immunity & well-being in high-stress physical conditions

* Talbott SM, Talbott JA, et al. Effect of ThymoQuin Black Cumin Seed Oil as a Natural Immune Modulator of Upper-Respiratory Tract Complaints and Psychological Mood State. Food Sci Nutr Res. 2022; 5(1): 1-6.

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